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Core  Nursing

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 Basic Life Support Update   Recently Updated !

5 Preview BUY
 Drug Calculations and Administration 5 Preview BUY

 Fire and Emergency Training

5 Preview BUY

 Hand Hygiene FREE !

1 Preview FREE
 Infection Control  5 Preview BUY
 Manual Handling    5 Preview BUY

Critical Care 

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 Advanced Life Support Update  

5 Preview BUY

 Arterial Blood Gases

3 Preview BUY

 Bi-PAP and CPAP Therapy 

3 Preview BUY
 Cardiac 1 - Chest Pain Assessment and Management 5 Preview BUY
 Cardiac 2 - Acute Coronary Syndrome  5 Preview BUY
 ECG and Rhythms 1  5 Preview BUY
 ECG and Rhythms 2 5 Preview BUY

 Emergency Drugs

5 Preview BUY

 Respiratory 1 - Upper Airway Obstruction

5 Preview BUY
 Respiratory 2 - Respiratory Failure   5  Preview BUY

General  Nursing

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 Aseptic Technique          NEW !

2 Preview BUY

 Asthma Management   Recently Updated !

5 Preview BUY
 Cosmetic Nursing 5 Preview BUY
 Diabetes   Recently Updated ! 5 Preview BUY
 Decision Making Framework    2 Preview BUY
 Dehydration-1    2 Preview BUY
 Dehydration-2    2 Preview BUY
 Mandatory Reporting For Nurses and MidwivesNEW ! 3 Preview BUY
 Ethics In Nursing Practice    1 Preview BUY
 Falls Prevention  NEW ! 2 Preview BUY
 Occupational Violence and Aggression    5 Preview BUY
 Oral Health      5 Preview BUY

 Palliative Care

5 Preview BUY

 Quality Use Of Medicines 

3 Preview BUY

 Remote External Visits  

2 Preview BUY

 Seizure Recognition in Nursing Practice  

3 Preview BUY
 Telehealth    8 Preview FREE


2 Preview BUY

 Vision Care

5 Preview BUY
 Wound Care Update  5 Preview BUY


CPE Hours Preview Buy / View
 Drug Calculations for Midwives   5 Preview BUY
 Discharge Planning for Midwives  5 Preview BUY
 Gestational Diabetes  NEW ! 1 Preview BUY
 Mandatory Reporting For Nurses and Midwives NEW ! 3 Preview BUY
 Maternity Emergencies      5 Preview BUY
 Perinatal Depression and Anxiety NEW ! 3 Preview BUY
 Women's Health  5 Preview BUY

Mental Health 

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 Antipsychotic Medication                 

1 Preview BUY

 Anxiety Disorders                 

2 Preview BUY
 Communicating with Psychotic Patients   1 Preview BUY
 Mental Health Liaison     FREE
 Mental Health Triage   2 Preview BUY
 Personality Disorders   1 Preview BUY


1 Preview BUY

 Understanding Depression

3 Preview BUY

Aged Care Topics

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 Aged Care Training Room    

20+ Preview BUY


Directions:  Topics can be purchased for $7.70 for ANMF, NSWNMA or QNU members and $30.00 for non-members. They are available to you for 12 months from the purchase date. Each topic consists of a quick reference tutorial paired with a randomly generated assessment. If you are a current ANMF member, your highest assessment attempt will appear on your ANMF Continuing Education Record. You are allowed three attempts to achieve the highest score. After your three attempts, the assessment link will become inactive, however you will be able to view the tutorial for 12 months from the purchase date. If you require more than three attempts, please purchase the topic again.

Aged Care Training Room: Can be purchased via an annual subscription for $110.00 for ANMF, QNU and NSWNMA members and $132.00 for non-members (this provides access to over 50 aged care specific topics). Each of these topics consists of a learning tutorial and assessment. When you choose to purchase this package you will be directed to the ANMFs Aged Care Training Room area where a list of topics can be viewed. You will be sent a confirming e-mail within 48 hours of purchase with log in details and user instructions to access your aged care specific learning program and individualised learning plan. An electronic transcript of all CPD activity in this area will be provided and will require manual entry into your ANMF Continuing Education Record.

CPE hours: The Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia (NMBA) requires all nurses and midwives to achieve a minimum of 20 hours of self-directed learning per year for continued registration. These hours need to be achieved between the NMBA national registration period of 1 June May 31 each year. Evidence of the learning undertaken must also be provided and retained. Your CPE record automatically logs assessments undertaken on the CPE website and allows for the entry of non-CPE learning to be included. Some healthcare related events may have CPD points allocated to the event, in this case 1 point = 1 hour of self-directed learning. For NMBA compliance, please record this learning in hours on your CPE record and retain your certificate of attendance for potential audit requirements.


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