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Results are easily extracted by management 

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                            Turrell On-Line Competencies Acute 

A popular Australian web site that allows your staff to complete competency tests and check on latest guidelines. Topics included in a standard subscription include:

Drug Calculations

Basic Life Support

Manual Handling

Fire Safety

Nursing Work Health Safety

Use of AED's
Optional Add-on topics include:

Falls Prevention

Challenging Behaviour



Blood Glucose Monitoring

Managing Violence

Home Visit Safety

Elder Abuse

ACFI Explained

Infection Control 

Advanced Life Support

Emergency Procedures
Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment Open Disclosure Nursing Ethics
  New for 2015

Manual Handling Tutorial



10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Competencies and Tutorials

Standard 1 Governance for safety and quality in health service organisations

Standard 2 Partnering with consumers

Standard 3 Preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections

Standard 4 Medication safety

Standard 5 Patient identification and procedure matching

Standard 6 Clinical handover

Standard 7 Blood and blood products

Standard 8 Preventing and managing pressure injuries

Standard 9 Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in acute healthcare

Standard 10 Preventing falls and harm from falls


Staff require only the most basic level of computer literacy to use this website. All competency tests are marked automatically. All staff results can be accessed by a designated educator/administrator via a supplied password. A personal CPD record is held for each clinical user which can also include face to face sessions. Educators can  troubleshoot by viewing every question of every test completed.  Reasonably priced subscription fees are relative to the number of staff who will access the site. Staff can complete training from work or home. Free trial available. Click here for more information...


                      Turrell On-Line Competencies Aged Care 

Introducing our new Aged Care version of our successful website. Topics include

Falls Prevention

Manual Handling 


Fire Safety

Infection Control


Challenging Behaviour incorporating Dementia, Elder Abuse, ACFI Explained

 Free trial available.  Click here for more information...

Subscriptions start from $895 p.a.

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Subscriptions start from $795 p.a.

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